Workshops OWLS Global Can Offer

We rarely run the same workshop twice.  That's because no two schools are the same

Based upon directions you would like to go, upon conversations with school members and upon our own observations, we will propose potential topics and approaches. 

The list below simply offers a brief sampling of workshops we have been invited to prepare in the past.  [In each category, you can click on "More ..." to see a more extensive list of possibilities, and to read in more details about some past successes.] 

'Classroom Matters' Workshops

 - Learner-Centred Classroom Methods: An Overview
 - Learners Leading - Maximizing Learner Involvement
 - The Global Classroom: Creating and Using 'Connectedness'
 - More 'Classroom Matters' Workshops                 ... details ... examples of past events

School - Team - Community Workshops

 - Team Building: including all, empowering individuals, and celebrating diversity 
 - Creating a Culture of Respect: understanding our common humanity 
 - Developing Leaders: building skills, inspiring vision, encouraging service
 - More School - Team - Community Workshops         ... details ... examples of past events 

Building A Brighter Future

 - Environmental Education for 21st Century Classrooms
 - Peace-Building and Conflict Management
 - 2150 - "The Classroom of the Future" - What & Why?
 - More ... 'Building A Brighter Future' Workshops      ... details ... examples of past events

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