OWLS Global

 Your  Partner in Educational Excellence


  • Visionary, versatile, and vibrant life-long learners
  • Creative, compassionate and capable leaders who take joy in investing in the lives of others. 



  • to inspire and equip capable, caring educators
  • to assist educational communities to share coherent goals, priorities and instructional approaches
  • to prepare learners for impassioned life-long learning  


Why partner with OWLS Global ?

OWLS Global always begins by meeting with a school or business to discuss its needs, and will usually then suggest a number of possible approaches to meeting those needs. OWLS Global may then create original materials and/or learning sessions specific to a schools situation and mutually agreed goals.

At OWLS Global we have broad experience working in cross-cultural settings. We know the international educational marketplace and we also understand local needs. This allows us to draw from a wide range of materials, approaches and teaching experience to very effectively tailor the services we provide.

OWLS Global team members are resident in Asia, which helps to keep our overheads and travel expenses low. With low overheads, we are able to offer our services at reasonable prices.

OWLS Global's collaborative approach brings the 'fresh air' of new perspectives into your school or business. We offer the voice of an “outside observer”, while the school or business retains control of the dialogue, and is empowered to make informed choices that make sense in its own particular context.


About OWLS Global  People

Bryan and Renee Beaton met as teachers in 1977.  As highly dedicated teachers, homeschooling parents,  and teacher trainers they have been investing in the lives of learners from pre-school right up through to post-secondary & working professionals for over 35 years. They have teaching experience across the spectrum from one room schools in remote areas to large international schools and universities, and across four continents.

Other Worlds Learning Services (OWLS) was registered in 1995 and began by offering kindergarten, primary and extracurricular (music, dance, and more) services in Mui Wo, Lantau Island Hong Kong. The OWLS Centre in Mui Wo now encompasses a highly sought-after pre-school program and a growing school.

Bryan and Renee have always appreciated opportunities to help equip, empower and inspire others to continue to grow their skills as effective teachers and they take joy in investing in the lives of their students.  In January 2013, OWLS Global was formally launched to offer Educational Consulting services, Teacher-Training, and Professional Mentoring to educators around the world. 


Onsite Services

OWLS Global delivers customised services 'on site' for educational clients. Being on-site facilitates meeting to discuss the school’s needs and, where requested, seeking opinions and ideas from teaching and non-teaching staff members, students, their parents and community members. It also means that we’re then able run very highly contextualized sessions for a school community within the school itself.

OWLS Global provides learning services that are:

  • anchored in over 30 years of professional teaching and teacher training
  • individualized and supportive
  • carefully contextualized
  • fresh & innovative



OWLS Global is registered as a sole proprietorship in Hong Kong. 
                [Business Reg. No: 54556827-000-01-13-1]   

OWLS Global is part of a group of companies based in Hong Kong: Other Worlds Trading Limited trading as Other Worlds Learning Services, along with The Mui Wo OWLS Centre and OWLS Global.


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OWLS Global - Your Partner in Educational Excellence