Using Rubrics - Workshop #1 Feedback               6 February 2009

Has this workshop helped you to understand the use of rubrics more fully?

Yes.  Verbal, graphic, visual presentation effective. 
Yes, but the time was short.  I wished we had a longer session.
I had hardly any idea previously.  I understand the technicalities better now.
Yes.  (14 participants).
Somewhat (3 participants).

What did the presenter do well?

Communicated, explained, clarified.  Made easily comprehensible. 
Everything, particularly moving from one group to another to discuss individual group problems.
His presentation was excellent.  He has a way of explaining things in a very simple manner.
Very interesting and explains clearly. 
Communicated the concept very well!  Explained necessity clearly. 
He has a unique way of presenting and illustrating the topic.
He personally came and tried to tie the loose ends – ie: make things easier.
The presenter acted as a facilitator and guided us to prepare rubrics.
I am happy that we had a lot of varied rubrics to look at. 
Presentation was systematic, concise and materials stimulated active involvement.
Drew our attention well.
Interacted well with the groups (2 participants).
He was very methodical. 
Explained thoroughly. 
Interacted well.

Using Rubrics (2) - Workshop #2 Feedback          27 February 2009

What did the presenter do well?

Explained well.  Objectives were clear.  It was a very effective session
Explanation (3 participants), presentation and preparation. 
His involvement and method of explanation were wonderful.
Presenter interacted very effectively with the groups – listening and offering help. 
He gave us very useful suggestions and was open to hear us out.
Involvement with the participants while they were working.
We were divided into groups according to our subjects.  This really helped.
Interaction with individuals.
Came and cleared our doubts. 
Very encouraging and helpful.
Communicated, explained, guided. Kind!  Humane! Extremely warm, genial, perceptive.  We can connect immediately.

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