Teacher-Generated Materials - Workshop Feedback       27 March 2009

What one idea presented today did you find most useful?

Lovely ideas – as to how to make use of daily news, information, to make teaching and learning interesting. 
The teaching techniques. The Word-Find would help recalling concepts easily.  Evaluation would be easier. 
Oral Presentations.  (Will use the methods practised and will involve students also.)
Group Presentation
Presenting in class.
Putting up easy-to-make posters.
(Using role play in a history class)
The idea of making the students work in a favourable environment for learning. 
Jigsaw Reading
'Scrambled Text' (2 participants)
Different methods of giving dictation.  (5 participants)
    Dynamic Dictations, 
    'Phonetic Punctation'     and
    'Human Tape Recorder'
Interdisciplinary approach

What did the presenter do well?

Everything, especially selecting topic, and tasks for us to work on. 
Group activities. 
Explained through performance.
The activities used by <the presenter> were very interesting.
Gave simple but fun tasks to do.
His presentations are interesting though they cannot always be implemented in an exam-oriented school. (2 participants) 
Giving us hands-on work to do and keeping us well within time. 
The ideas were good and the way he involved us in activities. 
Drew ideas from us.  Everything – explain, conduct, organise, evaluate.
Preparing and presenting.
As usual made it very interesting and always has very simple, practical suggestions and ideas. 
Everything (2 participants).

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