Making School Meaningful - Workshop Feedback       6 March 2009

What idea presented today did you find most useful?

The concept of having an audience because it give important feedback which leads to higher self-esteem and gives encouragement.  
Making the task pertinent and valuable in the eyes of the student. (2 participants)
Identifying the student with the subject.  
The idea of getting students involved in a work and making them want more.  
That students should be a part in learning.
Presenting works done by students.  
The way of teaching which makes the subject more attractive.
How to work well in a group – sharing of ideas.  
Things should be done to catch students' attention – topics and heading that would be interesting to them.
The idea of working together.  We exchanged ideas and enjoyed the work.  
Giving students the time to complete a task. 

What did the presenter do well?

She made herself very accessible.
She facilitated the learning process, guiding us, pushing us, getting us organised, praising us.
The tasks she has chosen were very interesting.  Her way of explaining this is also very nice.
Explaining, and giving different types of activities.  
Explained the ideas well.  The suggestions to improve on the ideas were useful.  
<Her> technique to involve every person.  
Taught us how to be more encouraging.  
She communicated clearly ...
She is very good and organised.  
Listed all the main points of discussion.  
Presenter attended all the students and gave her valuable suggestions.  
Explained the objectives of learning and the relation to time very well. Thanks!

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