"Back Pocket" Activities - Workshop Feedback            14 November 2008

Most useful new idea:

"Lotto" (7 participants),
"Tic-Tac-Toe" (4 participants),
"Slam" (4 participants),
"Lie Detector" (2 participants),
Brainstorming (2 participants),
'Shell' activities, debate, quiz types, "Unfinished Sentences", "Topic Summary Collage",
students' participation in a seminar (particularly higher classes).

What did the presenter do well?

The ideas were very interesting.  They were presented very well.  Crisp yet exciting.
He presented all the new ideas through a "Lotto" game which was very innovative.
Introducing a number of activities.
Lots of ideas.  Those enrich us not only as a teacher but also as a guide of the students.  We learn a different way of teaching.
Everything – He motivated us, we are already enthused.  He is an effective teacher-educator.
He could actually lead us and give us ideas how to organise activities, types of activities.
Taught us to be more innovative.
Conducted the whole workshop well.
Lots of ideas!!! 
His explanation to teach through different methods.
All the concepts were explained very well. 
Demonstrated well.
Explained the activities and how <they> can be used in the classroom. 
Gave good examples and explained the activities.
He gave us a number of ideas of engaging the classroom.  His enthusiasm spread within all of us.
Made it very interesting.
Kept us involved throughout.

How could the workshop have been improved?

I think the workshop was absolutely fine. 
I really can't think of any way at this point. 
We could have more of them!
The workshop was short, concise and informative!  Thank you!
I was quite happy with the way it was today.  This is perfectly alright.
We need more workshops like this. 
With more time. 
This was perfectly alright.
No idea.  Maybe if we had more time we would benefit more.
More time would have been wonderful.

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