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Constructive 'Student to Student Feedback' – A Framework


Training students to assess each other's work and performances can can have a lot of benefits.

What is “2 + 1 Feedback”?

Peer observers are taught to highlight:

  • 2 Strengths: two elements of their classmate's performance (in a discussion, debate or presentation) which were particularly well done.
    • Observers should be challenged to be specific, and to say how each strength added to the performance.

The Important Role of the Observer


Give students a 'framework' for listening, observing, and analysing their peers' performances.  Students who are trained in this way may learn MORE by watching and listening carefully than they do when taking their own turn as a 'speaker'.

In role-plays, discussions and practice presentations, students and their teachers may feel that the main 'learning' occurs as each student has his / her 'turn' to speak.  The remaining students may see little value in paying attention while a series of classmates each have their 'turn'.  Both the speakers and their classmates lose out in such situations. 

Actually, there may be as much or more 'learning value' in having all students observe and offer feedback. 

Useful “Lies”?

How can “lying” be useful – even highly engaging – in a learner-centred classroom?

Today, OWLS Global presents “Lie Detector” the first in a series of “Shell Activities” - highly adaptable classroom activities, useful in the review (or even teaching) of almost any subject.

Lie Detector

Easy to learn, and easy to adapt to your subject(s), you can try beginning or ending a lesson with a round of “Lie Detector”. Once your students 'know the ropes', you can 'let go' as they indulge in making up their own review questions and challenging each other.

Here's the link to “Lie Detector” (PDF).

Try “Lie Detector” with your students this week – and then let us know what you think.
Bryan - at OWLS Global


Getting students to finish your sentences?

Actually, your students can finish your sentences, their classmates sentences or their own sentences. 

Unfinished Sentences header

This simple, quick activity can used in any subject, at any point in the teaching process.  Before beginning a new unit, a quick Unfinished Sentences challenge can give you (as the teacher) a good indication of what the students already know (and feel) about the topic.  Partway through a unit,

Our Goal is Role-Reversal


We developed this diagram for Community Health Instructors (“I”) running 20 minute workshops for largely illiterate rural adults.  In a mere 20 minutes, the Instructor should:

  • Stage 1: present simple clear instructions on a specific topic in about 5 minutes
    – for example “How to handle a person with a severe burn.” 
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