Failure - the Secret to Success

Are You Failing Enough?


"There were a lot of failures in 1994. And those failures led to a new engine in 1995. ... in '95 we won our first race. In '96 we won the championship."

Are you trying new things?
If you're not failing, are you trying hard enough?


Failure is an inevitable when venturing into uncharted territory.   Failures can be stepping-stones on the way to great new ideas.

Here's a great short video (9 min) by Honda - which should
challenge all of us to be bolder in trying new things, and also
more willing to embrace failures along the way:

It is a fascinating look at "bold failure" as a road to success.

Are we trying?
Are we failing?
Are we learning?

If our answer to all three is "Yes", we may be on the right track.


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