Anything worth doing ...

You've heard the saying:
Anything worth doing
... is worth doing well!

I believe it. I try to live it.
It can be a kind of 'North Star'
Before beginning any new activity, I can ask,
"Is it worth doing?"
"Could I / should I be doing other, better things with my time?"
It helps me prioritize
It helps me maintain motivation,

once I have begun work
on something "life-worthy".


I recently came across a variation which I also love ...
Anything worth doing
    ... is worth doing BADLY
until you learn how to do it well.

Isn't that the truth!
We learn by doing
   We learn by noticing what went well
     and what could have gone better
        and resolving to do it differently next time.
Sometimes the 'next time' is better, and
sometimes the 'next time' is not,
but if we're paying attention
the potential to learn, grow, improve is there.


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