How Do Learners Learn?


Confucius apparently said it first.  In your heart you know that it's very true.

You, too, are a 'learner'. What have you learned lately?  Have you thought about how you learn most successfully?

Even as educated adults, very few of us would be capable of sitting, listening attentively and making extensive notes hour after hour, day after day.  Even fewer of us would want to.  And even if we could endure learning that way, why do it?  Wouldn't we learn much more – and learn more deeply - by being actively engaged in the learning process? 

So let's offer 'our' learners classroom opportunities which encourage them to explore new concepts and develop a wide range of academic and social skills.  You can begin your lesson planning with the question “What will the 'learners' do?” Create activities which will engage 'your' learners in collectively exploring new ideas and information and practising new skills. 

Students who “do” ...

  • research: reading, summarising, explaining – using a variety of resources
  • collaborating with peers in the learning process
  • presenting: clearly explaining, illustrating, informing, writing

... will understand, will remember … will forget far less

What can you do to involve your learners in doing more?


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