Getting students to finish your sentences?

Actually, your students can finish your sentences, their classmates sentences or their own sentences. 

Unfinished Sentences header

This simple, quick activity can used in any subject, at any point in the teaching process.  Before beginning a new unit, a quick Unfinished Sentences challenge can give you (as the teacher) a good indication of what the students already know (and feel) about the topic.  Partway through a unit,

Unfinished Sentences can serve as a quick review as well as indicating gaps in learning.  Your students will enjoy the challenge of challenging their fellow classmates with cleverly concocted stem sentences. 

Useful – and Enjoyable – today's “Shell Activity” is Unfinished Sentences

Here's the  link to a PDF download

Please let us know how you used Unfinished Sentences with your classes.

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