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Recommended Resource - eVeltio TEN

eVeltio TEN (Teacher Education Network) is an informal online community platform intended empower teachers to deal with rapid social transformation in Education. Hosted in India, eVeltio TEN provides resources and inspiration applicable to a broad range of Asian (and I'm sure, African and other) educational contexts.

Check out "STiR education"

STIR harnesses the innovation of the most dynamic teachers and schools - to transform educational outcomes for the poorest children. 




Failure - the Secret to Success

Are You Failing Enough?


"There were a lot of failures in 1994. And those failures led to a new engine in 1995. ... in '95 we won our first race. In '96 we won the championship."

Are you trying new things?
If you're not failing, are you trying hard enough?


Anything worth doing ...

You've heard the saying:
Anything worth doing
... is worth doing well!

I believe it. I try to live it.
It can be a kind of 'North Star'
Before beginning any new activity, I can ask,
"Is it worth doing?"
"Could I / should I be doing other, better things with my time?"
It helps me prioritize
It helps me maintain motivation,


A Fertile Learning Culture - Hank Petersen

I had been ready to 'dump' teaching as a career after only three years, when Hank Petersen took me on in a Grade 4 classroom - in Oliver, British Columbia, Canada. Looking back now at those seven years (1980 to 1988) - back across experiences in many others schools, in numerous other countries - I have come to realize what a uniquely empowering learning and teaching culture he fostered there. And (perhaps belatedly) I'm very grateful.

Hank Petersen had been in the community for decades.


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