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Useful “Lies”?

How can “lying” be useful – even highly engaging – in a learner-centred classroom?

Today, OWLS Global presents “Lie Detector” the first in a series of “Shell Activities” - highly adaptable classroom activities, useful in the review (or even teaching) of almost any subject.

Lie Detector

Easy to learn, and easy to adapt to your subject(s), you can try beginning or ending a lesson with a round of “Lie Detector”. Once your students 'know the ropes', you can 'let go' as they indulge in making up their own review questions and challenging each other.

Here's the link to “Lie Detector” (PDF).

Try “Lie Detector” with your students this week – and then let us know what you think.
Bryan - at OWLS Global

Our Goal is Role-Reversal


We developed this diagram for Community Health Instructors (“I”) running 20 minute workshops for largely illiterate rural adults.  In a mere 20 minutes, the Instructor should:

  • Stage 1: present simple clear instructions on a specific topic in about 5 minutes
    – for example “How to handle a person with a severe burn.” 

Large Classes?  Looking for Practical Tips?

Practical Tips for Teaching Large Classes - UNESCO

Overwhelmed? Overloaded? Overworked?  Here's a positive, practical, inspiring resource. 

How Do Learners Learn?


Confucius apparently said it first.  In your heart you know that it's very true.

You, too, are a 'learner'. What have you learned lately?  Have you thought about how you learn most successfully?

Even as educated adults, very few of us would be capable of sitting, listening attentively and making extensive notes hour after hour, day after day.  Even fewer of us would want to.  And even if we could endure learning that way, why do it?  Wouldn't we learn much more – and learn more deeply - by being actively engaged in the learning process? 

Play Is The Highest Form Of Research

Einstein said it.  I certainly agree.
As educators, we can provoke curiosity, provide resources and encourage perseverance (aka hope).  However, the 'learning' resides within the 'learner'.


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