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Teaching Resources for You

The Busy Educator

This week's "The Busy Educator" (14 August 2014) offers a rich range of "teaching resources for you"



The Teacher Who Couldn't Read

Teacher Who Couldn't Read

Here's an article which inspires. Read it, and you'll see why.

However, an 'unintended consequence' of the article is that it provides educators with added opportunities to reflect.

Inspiration for a Monday ...

“Teacher” - a 'poem'

Teachers can have a powerful effect on children – for good or ill.  I could offer you examples from my life, but you probably have lots of your own. 

Here's a quote which 'hit me between the eyes' several years ago – which I have reformatted as a 'poem'.  I hope you and your colleagues find it as powerful as I did.

Teacher Poem

You can download a PDF copy here or enjoy the whole text below: 

Recommended Resources - "Kelly Bear" - Leah Davies, M.Ed.

Leah Davies' "Kelly Bear" website contains teacher articles, parenting handouts and classroom activities.
"Words Can Inspire" is one example of a short, thoughtful article which keeps our focus right where it should be: on 'making possible' the very best for each learner.

Note in particular the effect of one single encouraging comment in the life of Jerry Moe...

Large Classes?  Looking for Practical Tips?

Practical Tips for Teaching Large Classes - UNESCO

Overwhelmed? Overloaded? Overworked?  Here's a positive, practical, inspiring resource. 

Helping Children Develop 'Grit'?

Kenneth Barish discusses Angela Lee Duckworth's TEDTalk on 'Grit'.
Both his response (Huff Post) and the original TEDTalk may be inspiring.

Grittier Children

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