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Here are four items I have shared recently on OWLS Global's Facebook page:
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Teaching Resources for You

The Busy Educator

This week's "The Busy Educator" (14 August 2014) offers a rich range of "teaching resources for you"


The Teacher Who Couldn't Read

Teacher Who Couldn't Read

Here's an article which inspires. Read it, and you'll see why.

However, an 'unintended consequence' of the article is that it provides educators with added opportunities to reflect.

"The students and administration loved him. He always got stellar reviews and had a good reputation as a teacher"

There's potential for another important narrative here. What can John Corcoran's experience while he was still illiterate teach us about effective classroom practices and the role of the teacher?<

Also on Facebook's OWLS Global site ...
Is there a distinctive “Indian English?


English explodes in India - and it's not just Hinglish

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