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Play Is The Highest Form Of Research

Einstein said it.  I certainly agree.
As educators, we can provoke curiosity, provide resources and encourage perseverance (aka hope).  However, the 'learning' resides within the 'learner'.

Develop Empathy - Read!

Developing empathy ... another great reason for developing a love of reading.

Reading - the original "empathy test"


Alan Dick

A Smile That Says 'You're Great! - Alan Dick

My wife, Renee, and I met Alan Dick in 1990, when he was my Vice-Principal. It was the first year in Hong Kong for both of us. He had just arrived from over a decade in Canada's arctic.

It wasn't particularly his strengths as an administrator: the 'mechanics' of his administration were 'invisible'. School ran smoothly, classrooms were positive, productive places. Most of all, from the start to the finish, he was a friend. He loved the school. He loved the people. You could hear and feel his passion 


The English Language Centre - ELC

If you've seen my CV, you'll know I've been highly mobile over my career.  However, 14 of my 30+ years were spent in two very nurturing situations - seven years at the Grades 3 & 4 levels in BC, Canada with Hank Petersen (as mentioned in an earlier 'Learning From Others') and seven years at the ELC - the English Language Centre at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


A Fertile Learning Culture - Hank Petersen

I had been ready to 'dump' teaching as a career after only three years, when Hank Petersen took me on in a Grade 4 classroom - in Oliver, British Columbia, Canada. Looking back now at those seven years (1980 to 1988) - back across experiences in many others schools, in numerous other countries - I have come to realize what a uniquely empowering learning and teaching culture he fostered there. And (perhaps belatedly) I'm very grateful.

Hank Petersen had been in the community for decades.

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