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Environmental Education for 21st Century Classrooms

The 'Environment'.  This is a vitally important topic for the future of mankind, yet it is only vaguely understood by a large majority of both educators and students.
Beginning with issues 'local' and relevant to your staff and students, we explore the scale of 'human impact' on living systems, and then relate these understandings to national and global issues..
Topics include:
  Understanding 'Ecosystems' - local and global 
  Threats to our environment: pollution, global warming, human encroachment, resource depletion, ozone depletion, and more
  EIA - Environmental Impact Assessment 
  Possible Responses: waste management; reduce, reuse, recycle; restoring balance (water, forests, soils, wildlife, plants)
We encourage individuals to "Think Globally and Act Locally" and to consider fostering sustainable use, consumer education, and community participation.

Peace-Building and Conflict Management

Differences of perspective and opinion are unavoidable - and they can be very constructive.  Conflict is inevitable: hostility is not.  Learning to deal with conflict - rather than avoid it - is a vital skill, both personally and professionally.  Conflict which is handled respectfully and positively can create new opportunities, foster creativity and strengthen bonds between those involved, whereas mismanaged conflict can harm relationships and communities.    
OWLS Global can work with you and your team to identify common goals, agree upon essential communication protocols, recognise potential sources of conflict, build an awareness of members roles as well as team responsibilities and collaborate towards shared successes. 

2150 - ¨The Classroom of the Future¨- What & Why?

The world is changing rapidly, and classrooms must (and will) change as well.  Yet educators often rightly become wary of 'change for change sake' and skeptical of widely varying predictions of the future of schooling.  How can we maintain focus on the essentials - inspiring and equipping life-long learners?  In this workshop, we seek to separate 'fundamentals' from 'fads', and provide a framework for deciding where schools, teachers and students can best invest their efforts when dealing with inevitable change. 

Technology and the Human Touch - Maintaining Balance 

Too Much Of A Good Thing?  Anything in excess can be harmful.  In the UK, doctors report that they are treating children as young as 4 years of age for "Technology Addiction". In the US, 'The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction' (www.virtual-addiction.com) encourages patrons to "Unplug… Heal…Reconnect With Yourself And Your Loved Ones".  Special schools in America are running 'reconnecting' programs (in remote rural settings) to teach teens how to live without Facebook and Chats - how to have conversations and develop friendships with real people.  How do we encourage today's 'multitasking', 'connected' students to recognize both the benefits and the dangers of modern communications, and to create a 'balance' for themselves? 

Other issues?

We are very open to working with you to examine important issues relevant to your local community's geography, history and social conditions.

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